• Image of Jakob Owens Mentorship Program! (PREMIUM)
  • Image of Jakob Owens Mentorship Program! (PREMIUM)
  • Image of Jakob Owens Mentorship Program! (PREMIUM)
  • Image of Jakob Owens Mentorship Program! (PREMIUM)
  • Image of Jakob Owens Mentorship Program! (PREMIUM)

Everybody needs a mentor. Someone to look up too, someone to ask questions, someone who they can freely go to for guidance and advice. I receive countless messages and emails on a daily basis, and while I try my best to answer all of them, it’s difficult. I can’t fully dive into conversations and helpful responses to each and every person who sends me a message, asks me to watch a video for feedback, and asks for advice in their career. This mentorship program will allow me to give my full attention and so much more to those seeking a real mentor. Someone they can openly come to for advice, questions, guidance and help & more. I love helping people on their journey’s and I know this program will only further help me and those involved dive deeper into those personal connections. Look forward to this program allowing me to help further the careers of y’all and really guide you on your journey!

I will maintain to keep an open line of communication to those looking for help, but this program unlocks a new level of connection and help I’ve never before offered. I really hope this will help those that are very serious about taking their career to the next level!


-Review, feedback, and criticism of any and all videos, photos, projects.
-Open line of communication via texts (personal phone #) and emails.
-Freedom to ask any questions, no restrictions.
-Welcome & complete access on my various film production sets at anytime.
-(1) 30 minute Skype Call at the start and termination of the program.
-Information on how to further ones career and reach more clients.
-My Video and Business Guide included with purchase.
-A personal 25% off discount code for all my online products and store.
-Access to a private Facebook group where all mentorees have access to also share content, give feedback, ask questions, and connect with other filmmakers.
-Access to all my various film and production sets.
-Access to video/production job opportunities that I will present in the group.

I’ve maintained a great deal success in my life and now it’s time to return the favor!

-Built a booming YouTube channel of over 750K subscribers and 250+ million views
-Built and started a very successful multimedia production company with clients ranking from music labels, national companies, music artists, and much more.
-Purchased 3 homes by the age of 28.
-Started & created a filmmaking products company thats known worldwide.
-Written and sold books and other various filmmaking related products that rake in over $100k a year.
-Shot & Directed over 800 music videos.
-My music videos have been shown on major television networks like MTV, BET, VH1, Country Music TV & more.
-Shot several television shows.
-Become the #1 most followed user on photography platform Unsplash.
-Personally worked with some of the biggest national brands in the country such as Samsung, Canon, B&H, and others for sponsored social media posts and campaigns.

All sales are final. No Refunds. The value offered from the information I'm sharing is alone worth the price tag alone, not including my personal time I will be investing into the group and the members and the access to my productions they will be given.

Sold Out